Hey there, I'm Ben.

I code shit.



My Projects.

Blacklister is a global banning Discord bot with moderation commands.
Blacklister has the largest blacklist database, with a free API anyone can use!
Capy.host is a completely free ShareX file host which has no restrictions.
Uses DigitalOcean Spaces and Cloudflare to increase file speeds.
hidemyemail.cc is a free standalone replacement to Cloudflare's anti-email scraping tool.
I created this tool because my email kept getting scraped from my site and added to annoying spam email lists.

Anime Village Bot
I created the closed source, private bot for the Anime Village Discord server.
It features basic moderation and a server specific economy system.
A website for reporting scam links and an API introducing new scam detection methods!
My website
This website!
I rebuilt my website because people said it looked like it was "from a Github readme". I used Tailwind and some new JS libraries I know about to make this work 👀